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For a long time now I have been trying to imitate my dog.  Not his look, which is furry and chestnut brown.  Not his walk, which can be more of a waddle.  Also I can live without his bathroom habits, which can be summed up this way: "Tree or bush?  Tree or bush?  Aw, how about right here on the grass".

No, what I admire about my dog is his fascination with the simple routine of life.  Every day for him is like boarding the space shuttle.  For example - in the morning I tumble out of bed, grumble, yawn, open the door and ta-da!  There he is, so worked up, he doesn't know which way to go, towards me or away from me, so he does both.

"Oh boy oh boy oh boy!" he seems to pant.  "It's morning and I'm gonna eat!"  Never mind that he has eaten every morning since he was born, or that he's had the same food every morning.  Never mind.  He pulls me downstairs and waits breathlessly as I scoop yet another helping of boring brown nuggets into his bowl.  "Oh boy oh boy oh boy!  Food, food, food!"

Three minutes later he is off the food thing and into a new obsession - going out.  Again he runs forward and backward.  "I'm going out!  I'm going out!  Is this great or what?"

Never mind that going out has been the same since he's lived here.  He is so thrilled by the notion of "exit" that he almost knocks the door down.

Now my dog does not work, he does not pay taxes, he does not create anything new (unless you consider the bushes outside).  He also doesn't covet cars or jewellery, doesn't care about houses, as long as he can find a sunny spot on the floor and lie there for a few hours.

Meanwhile I am bored with my same routine.  Getting up is a drag.  I can't get excited about breakfast, so I'm trying to imitate my dog.  I'm trying to find wonder in the every day.  After all, when you think about it it is pretty remarkable that you open your eyes each morning.  And, since every few hours you get to quench your hunger, well that's a thrill, when you consider the alternative.

It's a great life - and my dog shows me just how it should be enjoyed.

Written by someone unknown but it makes you wonder!

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