A Puppy Valentine 2009-04-01 15 e

You are always so happy to see me
Whenever I walk in the door
You bark, you jump, you lick me
even if you saw me, minutes before

I love the way you wiggle when you walk
You got the cutest little puppy butt
To me you are more than my best friend
You are more than just a dumb mutt

I love to play frisbee with you
I love our walks in the park
I love the special moments we share
When we're alone in my room in the dark

I don't care if others don't understand
What exactly you mean to me
I will always be your master
And you'll always be my little puppy

The time we share is so precious
The words are so hard to express
But Happy Valentine's Day little fella
I can't wait to see you in your new dress

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