Aromatherapy Case Studies

Aromatherapy can help with a dog’s moods and emotions and treat conditions that are affected by these.  Two studies that have been undertaken are:

A study was undertaken with 32 dogs to evaluate the efficacy of diffused lavender oil as a treatment for travel-induced excitement in dogs – all of these dogs had a history of travel-induced excitement in their owners’ cars. All dogs were driven to a familiar walking site 3 consecutive days under control conditions (only natural odours) and a further 3 consecutive days using the diffused lavender oil.  All dogs showed significantly more time spent resting and sitting and less time moving and vocalising when the diffused lavender oil was used.

Pet Remedy is a product designed to naturally calm dogs by using essential oils, and studies have been undertaken to demonstrate the effectiveness of this product. In one 3-month study at an animal behaviour centre in Manchester during 2014, 66 dogs with behavioural issues underwent a behavioural modification programme and received either Pet Remedy treatment or a placebo.  The dogs remained on the same treatment throughout the study.  Across the three months, highly statistically significant differences were observed between the dogs on Pet Remedy and those on the placebo, both for behaviour scores and excitement levels.

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