Why Is Obesity Such a Big Problem In Dogs?

Obesity is a big problem in dogs for many reasons, often a combination of more than one reason.  Some of these reasons are:

Kibble diets that contain an incorrect balance of nutrients (especially those high in carbohydrates – excess carbohydrates are stored as fat)

Neutered dogs needing less food than unneutered dogs, but diet not adjusted

People feeding scraps from their own plate in addition to food

Feeding too many treats or not taking account of treats in the dog’s daily allowance

Using food / treats to compensate for lack of attention

Not adjusting the dog’s diet for their requirements or time of life (senior dogs need less energy and young dogs in their prime of life)

Not giving enough exercise

Not adjusting food when exercise levels alter (especially after surgery)

People not actually realising when a dog is obese – society generally condemns dogs of a correct weight, calling them thin.

Obese dogs not having the energy to ‘get up to mischief’


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