Suggested First Aid Items

The list of items that would be added to a first aid kit is very subjective.  Below are some suggested items with their uses.

Elastic bandage – for wrapping a sprain

Cohesive bandage - for covering and securing gauze bandages

Gauze bandage roll – for applying moderate compression

Adhesive tape – to secure bandages

Cotton squares – for cleaning and protecting wounds

Alcohol swabs – for sterilising instruments and cleaning small parts of skin

Gloves – to protect your hands and keep them clean when treating an animal or cleaning up sick, faeces, etc

Muzzle (either a proper muzzle or the ability to make one out of a bandage or soft rope) – this is to protect yourself as an injured and scared dog is likely to bite

Sterile saline solution – used to flush and clean wounds or the eyes

Syringe – to administer saline solution

Thermometer (rectal) – to take the temperature accurately

Tweezers – to remove foreign bodies such as thorns, ticks, etc. from the skin

Scissors – for cutting bandages and tape; also hair around a wound might need trimming for proper assessment and cleaning

Blanket – to help to keep an injured dog warm, wrap a dog suffering from shock or be used as a stretcher

Various sizes of dog boots – very useful for protecting hurt paws and keeping dressings on paws

Reusable heat pack – to gently warm a dog, alleviate pain and muscle spasms, increase nerve conduction, lower blood pressure

Ice pack – to help reduce inflammation and swelling, decrease muscle spasms and pain

Sterile wipes – used instead of alcohol swabs

Triangular bandage – can be used both as a bandage, but also good for making a temporary muzzle

Foil blanket – to gently warm a dog

Tubigrip – to make temporary boots, ear bandages, joint supports

Tick remover – much easier to remove a tick with a tick remover than with tweezers

Bubble wrap padded envelope – makes a great splint

Styptic pencil – to stop bleeding

Hibiscrub – to wash wounds and instruments

Sanitary pad – much better than cotton squares for protecting wounds. They generally are wrapped individually so sterile, are very good at absorbing blood, are large enough to cover any likely injury, and have their own gauze protection to stop them sticking

Plenty of water

Some people also carry Piriton, in case of allergic reactions, although this should be discussed with your vet.

Homeopathic First Aid Remedies

Aconite 30c – good for sudden and dramatic disturbance of the dog’s equilibrium – sudden acute fear, shock, emotional and physical stress, fever

Apis mell 30c – good for bites, stings, painful swellings (hot and red, shiny oedematous swellings which ‘pit’ on pressure), respiratory difficulty

Arnica 30c – a great injury remedy - powerful antiseptic, good for shock, bruising, injury, general pain, heart supportive

Belladonna 30c – sudden onset fever, red/hot skin conditions, heat stroke

Hypericum/Calendula 30c– Pain relief, torn lacerated wounds where nerve endings have been damaged, burns and scolds, painful conditions of the back, crushed toes, nails and tails, damage to lips, gums and teeth. Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, anthelmintic, antiseptic

Ledum 30c – for insect bites, animal bites, and other puncture wounds if the wounded part feels cold and appears bruised (contract with Apis mell). Antidotes spider poisons, which many dogs have allergic reactions to

Vipera Berus 200c – for snake bites, including adders


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