What Are Nosodes?

Nosodes are created by taking the diseases that they are designed to protect against, and diluting them to such an extent that hardly any, if any of the original disease remains. The way in which they are diluted and the agitation process that occurs transfers the 'energy' of the disease to the water that they are diluted in.

Nosodes are given via the mouth of the dog so that they come into contact with the mucus membrane, the first natural line of defence for a dog. The dog's immune system then creates the appropriate antibody ready to fight the disease, but there is in effect no disease to actually fight. This means that the immune system is primed should the dog come into contact with the disease - it already has the appropriate antibodies ready to do battle. However, these antibodies die back if they are not needed - this is why you give a course of nosodes at the start, to keep them active whilst the dog is encountering new challenges to the immune system.

The nosode consists of nothing but this diluted 'energy' water coated onto a pillule formed of sucrose or lactose (depending on the type of nosode you choose). No adjuvants, no nasty additions.
Vaccinations, on the other hand, contain the actual disease, along with adjuvants, and are injected into the blood stream, bypassing the first natural line of immune defence - a route which is very unlikely to happen in real life.

The immune system has to invoke a response in the same way, but with vaccinations it is a real attack on the dog's body, and that attack will continue until the antibodies are made and are able to neutralise the disease. This is why some dogs can actually catch the disease from those vaccinations which use live viruses. The dog can also shed the disease in the environment for a number of weeks afterwards.

Nosodes are designed to prime the puppy's immune system so that it can respond to disease and build up it's own immunity - it is this own immunity that will give it the life time protection, not the nosodes. So once they've had the first 3 doses of nosodes (or however many the protocol states), get them out there where they can meet the diseases and build that immunity.

Again, this is different to vaccines, where they tell you to keep the pup inside for 2 weeks after the vaccine as it's immune system will have taken such a battering from the vaccine itself that it is at the lowest point possible immediately after the injections.

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