Latest News - Hal & Zen


16 Nov 2015 - Our Daddy, Show Champion Arkview Chicago At Llawkrik (Gio) died, aged 12 years 4 months.  RIP Daddy xx

27 Feb 2015 - We increased our fastest Bikejor speed to 34.9 kph

24 Jan 2015 - We reached 30 kph in Bikejor for the first time - making it to 30.8 kph

16 Nov 2014 - We came first in 2-dog female Bikejor, completing 5.8km in 19 mins, 37 secs

01 June 2014 - We transferred from Canicross to Bikejor as Mummy is no longer able to run

14 Oct 2013 - We started going to hydrotherapy to keep us fit - and have been going regularly ever since

07 Apr 2013 - We ran our first half marathon, completing 20.95km in 2hrs, 7 mins, 31 secs

13/14 Oct 2012 - We represented the UK in the European Canicross Championships

20 May 2012 - We came 5th in the 2-dog ("extreme") female category for Canicross in the UK

04 Dec 2011 - We ran our first Canicross race, 5.4km at Alice Holt, Farnham, Hampshire

04 April 2011 - We've got our own web address!  Our website can now be found at

30 July 2010 - Hal has to have a second op on his elbow, after having more pain recently.  This time it was key-hole surgery, but still 6 weeks before any exercise and a 3-month recovery period...

28 Nov 2009 - Hal is sort-of signed off after his op - the vet wanted him to stay in his cage for another 4 weeks, but Mummy did a deal with him!

14 Nov 2009 - Congratulations to Daddy Gio - he got his 3rd CC Ticket today, and is now a Show Champion - Sh Ch Arkview Chicago At Llawkrik.

31 Oct 2009 - Zen is signed off after his op - he is now no longer on cage containment and can start lead-only walks

20 Oct 2009 - Hal has had the same operation as Zen - it was all rather rushed

23 Sep 2009 - Zen had his operation for FCP - check his blog for further information and updates

19 Sep 2009 - Zen is diagnosed with Fragmented Medial Coronoid Process (FCP)

05 Sep 2009 - We're going on our first holiday - to Cornwall, and plenty of sand, sea and fun!

18 Aug 2009 - Zen had an X-ray for his limp, and Elbow Dysplacia is suspected, even though he's the wrong breed for it

08 Aug 2009 - Zen visited the vets today with a limp - he's been put on painkillers for a week

19 Jul 2009 - We meet our birth Mummy (Kara), birth Daddy (Gio) and littermate sister (Skye)

13 Jun 2009 - We get a new cousin - Mummy takes Grandma & Grandpa to collect their new puppy, a Yorkiepoo named Gizzy

05 May 2009 - Mummy ended up in hospital (outpatients) after Zen had bitten her last Thursday when she was trying to remove some disgusting object from his mouth when out walking

28 Mar 2009 - Our new Mummy took us to our new home today, and we got our new names of Hal & Zen

28 Feb 2009 - Our new Mummy came to visit us - we tried to be on our best behaviour

04 Feb 2009 - We've been born - there are 6 of us in the litter, 3 boys and 3 girls

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