Hydrotherapy 1

We had our first hydrotherapy session on 14 October 2013.  We were meant to be in training for a half marathon, but Mummy was injured and couldn't run - so she booked a session to help with our stamina.  Since then we have been going regularly.

The benefits that we have seen from hydrotherapy are:Hydrotherapy 2

alleviating muscle spasm (particularly in our shoulders and back)

posture, balance and co-ordination

joint mobility, especially in our elbows that were treated for elbow dysplasia

fitness maintenance during the summer months, when it's too hot for us to run

We have tried the underwater treadmill, but we prefer hydrotherapy in the pool - the chance to have a swim and chase Mummy as she runs round the outside!

Hydrotherapy 3If looking for a hydrotherapy centre in the UK, our advice is to ensure that any centre you use is a member of CHA (Canine Hydrotherapy Association).  CHA members hold Nationally Accredited Qualifications in Small Animal Hydrotherapy, and centres are inspected by a CHA representative to ensure that they meet the highest standards their patients deserve.

NB, in the UK, your vet will need to refer your dog(s) for hydrotherapy, so ensure you provide a referral form for them to complete.

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