How We Got Our Names 

Names Word Cloud 2

Hal & Zen

Mummy wanted to find 2 names that highlighted the key difference between the two of us - Hal having a largely brown head and Zen having a largely white one.  And she also wanted to find two names that naturally went together, but worked equally well on their own.  By considering one of her other loves - cars - she was able to come up with the solution:

Hal, short for Halogen, is a brownish orange headlight on cars (and hence Hal has the red lead / collar)
Zen, short for Xenon, is a bright blue-white headlight on cars (and hence Zen has the blue lead / collar)
So Hal and Zen we are...

Shandy & Casey

Whilst looking at possible names on the web, Mummy came across Casey and fell in love with that name.  That then meant she had a Ch (Charlie), Sa (Sammy) and Ca (Casey), which logically left an Sh - and Shandy was decided.  And the fact that he's ruby in colour helps....

Charlie & Sammy

Mummy's ex decided on the name Charlie as he was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - how original!
Mummy's ex then wanted the next Cavie to be called Eric, but in a moment of weakness also suggested Sammy - and Mummy jumped at the chance.  Well, can you imagine calling Eric in the middle of a field?





Pepsi & Muffin



Short for Mr Mistoffelees.  Cats the musical was very popular at the time and we loved the song Mr Mistoffelees.  And we also liked the shortened name of Misty.





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